The employees of Halrai Inc. are the most important factor in the success of our business. Due to the undeniable value-added they bring to our products and services, regardless of their level, they benefit from respect for their contribution, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and development and success within the company.

Since 2001, the Halrai has been a member of a mutual prevention association. This is a group of employers who choose to engage in a process to promote the prevention of occupational injuries, and the rehabilitation and return to work of injured workers.

Halrai has developed a prevention program that complies with the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety (LSST) in cooperation with the manager of the mutual association. The development and implementation of the prevention program are an effective way to eliminate health and safety hazards at the source, and to ensure the physical integrity of workers. The program is a practical step in the prevention of accidents and work-related illnesses which integrates with the current management of our establishment. In this way, our prevention program serves as an action plan to identify hazards, eliminate them and ensure maintenance of conditions.

We are always looking for professionals who are passionate and committed to their work. Do not hesitate to send us your resume at information@halrai.com or connect with us on our Facebook page.

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