Project management

Manufacturing custom products requires, first and foremost, a plan. Of course, this plan is the product drawing. Halrai provides shop drawings to scale, thanks to our industrial designer’s expertise. Having conceived and designed the plan for the desired product, the manufacturing steps can vary, but with an effective and rigorous method, and our qualified staff, each step is done with thoroughness and professionalism. The result is a product of which we are proud!

  1. We plan all our projects in an automated way , via a specialized scheduling software (ERP) your order is treated with care.
  2. Halrai documents the value added data,  work is documentation is standard .
  3. Production time reduction goals are in place, you are always sure to pay the right price.
  4. There is a  documented procedure for packaging and handling, if your product is shipped , it will arrive in perfect condition.
  5. Halrai has a quality control system , your products are manufactured to the highest standard of the industry .
  6. Halrai has a continuous improvement program with measurable goals , our products are constantly changing.
  7. Kaizen and 5S activities are in place.
  8. In every  new project , our experts are at your disposal to help you reduce manufacturing costs by conducting, in collaboration with you , a design review .