Flatbeds with cranes

Halrai manufactures a wide variety of flatbeds and flatbed-van body combinations. Available in black steel, aluminum, or a combination of these two materials, Halrai flatbeds can be installed as a cutaway, a cube truck chassis or a van. For truncated trucks, the rear of the cabin is closed with a soundproof vinyl interior finish. The manufacturing of these devices is made so there is no electrical interference with other equipment. In addition, during the design and development of the van body, we consider the mechanical stress on the truck, giving you assurances that the simultaneous use of multiple devices can be done without adversely affecting proper function.

We understand what you expect and need behind the cab of your trucks.  Built with knowledge aquired from our own everyday use and experiences, plus that of numerous others,  our flatbeds are designed with common sense, hardworking application in mind.  They’re solidly constructed to stand up to your demands, expectations and rigors of everyday use.