Kapalco is the trademark of the most durable and lightest van bodies on the market. Halrai manufactures the bodies with this philosophy in mind.


Kapalco van bodies are designed to work in the forestry, construction, mining and oilfield sectors. For these difficult environments, Halrai has developed bodies that use the best materials, conforming to strict construction standards. Our units are made by professionals just like you in order to assure you enjoy many years of service, with no problems. With a Kapalco van body, you can continue to use your trailer hitch. In addition, all hardware is automotive-grade stainless steel. Lastly, each body is equipped with 12V LED interior lights.
Whatever your field of activity or environment, we offer innovative solutions. At Halrai, you are guaranteed to find the best van bodies on the market, accompanied by an unbeatable warranty.


Kapalco product features:

  • Aluminum interior walls, 0.40-inch thick (optional Argo-115 finish)
  • 1½˝ vacuum glued foam insulation R8 factor
  • “Blizzard white” standard exterior colour
  • Optional colours available
  • Floor: aluminum structure with inverted T extruded aluminum (anti-slip)
  • Insulated aluminum roof
  • Incorporated back step

Kapalco 3