Our services

Custom designs, project management and specification books:

Our strategy for success is simple: we don’t just sell products; we also provide solutions. Whatever you need for your vehicle, Halrai is able to respond. Our customized aluminum products are designed to meet all our customers’ needs. For project developers, from first draft to delivery, we can also come to you to clarify certain design details

Manufacturing custom products requires, first and foremost, a plan. Of course, this plan is the product drawing. Halrai provides shop drawings to scale, thanks to our industrial designer’s expertise. Having conceived and designed the plan for the desired product, the manufacturing steps can vary, but with an effective and rigorous method, and our qualified staff, each step is done with thoroughness and professionalism. The result is a product of which we are proud!

Halrai develops specification books on request for customers. These books allow us to:

  • Precisely define the problem or situation to be improved
  • Clearly identify the company’s needs
  • Establish the rules and basic requirements for the project
  • Define and provide the deliverables
  • Serve as a reference to avoid interpretation problems