Power inverters and batteries

Halrai possesses a high level of expertise in vehicle power generation and power distribution, and integration of equipment applied in mobile contexts and vehicle conversions.


We install products from leading brands and customize components to meet your specific needs. Whether you need mobile generators or AC inverters, we have the solution. Ask about our all-in-one units with the power required for a generator, welder, compressor and / or booster.


With 30 years’ experience, Halrai understands your mobile power and service vehicle needs. We know that choosing a battery that delivers the appropriate power is one of the most important steps in your vehicle’s electrical system. After testing many manufacturers over the years, we now focus on industry leaders. Discover a wide variety of sizes and amp hour capacities to meet your specific needs. Our batteries are maintenance free and 99.9% recyclable.


Halrai also offers a full range of smart battery chargers, sells and installs mobile AC power products, and offers solutions for all your electrical needs. When it comes to versatile power units for air compressors, we offer a full range of exceptional products, custom built for your commercial vehicles. We are proud to say that we have earned a good reputation with our “zero idle” solutions.


But Halrai is not just a distributor of mobile power products for the commercial vehicle industry. Among our custom-made products, we offer:

  • Custom aluminum, thick-walled boxes for batteries
  • Autonomous power systems to drive AC or rechargeable DC loads through solar panels or vehicle alternator
  • The assembly of custom cables for AC or DC circuits

Need a custom assembly? Don’t wait any longer! Contact us today. Our trained technicians are ready to meet your needs for a variety of projects.