Hybrikube is an auxiliary battery monitoring system for whenever power tools, lights or computers are used. It includes components such as power converters and smart chargers. In addition, the system incorporates a speed control and a fully automatic start-and-stop function. You get 4 to 8 hours of clean, green energy, smartly recharged to 95% on an engine operating time of 20 minutes at 1200 rpm.


The Hybrikube system continuously monitors the amperage hours used without the user needing to respond to zero idle regulations. The reduced fuel consumption and reduced carbon footprint, as well as the silent power, which works without the truck running (especially appreciated features in residential areas), are only a few the great advantages of the Hybrikube system.


If the auxiliary batteries discharge below a predetermined point, the system will automatically start the vehicle in order to recharge the batteries, or warn the user with an audible signal. When this signal (horn or buzzer) occurs, the user must start or turn off the engine, depending on the situation.


Hybrikube provides uninterrupted AC power when the automatic start function is enabled, improving worker efficiency by reducing downtime.


Product features:

  • Hybrikube can be installed on any 12-24-volt electrical system and any make or model vehicle
  • Can be used with a power converter and a smart charger
  • The system can be installed before or after delivery of a new vehicle
  • The system continuously monitors the auxiliary batteries
  • The AC energy produced is clean, efficient and renewable
  • The vehicle’s fast idle can be programmed and customized for each unit

Take the guesswork out of battery performance with Hybrikube