Aquakube: Water-sewer trucks

Halrai manufactures water-sewer service units for interventions on newly installed pipes, network analysis, valve maintenance, as well as refurbishing sewer and water pipes. We are known for designing and manufacturing modules for intervention trucks for connecting water mains, pipe excavation and repair, water supply, as well as service vehicles for municipalities and contractors. Municipalities, consulting engineering firms, contractors, industrial and commercial plumbers are among our customers.


Aquakube features:

  • Van body insulated with Kapalco aluminum, custom lengths and access doors
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Customized choice of power converters
  • Customized choice of hydraulic systems
  • 125-185 CFM compressors
  • Signalling arrows
  • LED lights for night work
  • Halrai custom outfitting’s
  • Wide range of hydraulic tools, saws, water valve manipulators and cranes