Auto start control module

Publish by Pierre Di lorenzo
DC/AC on demand generator/welder/compressor auto start module Halrai Industries manufactures the ODGASM control module for contractors, installers, and field technicians that require AC power, compressed air and or welding capabilties but do not want to idle their machines without loads. Halrai gives technicians the oppertunity to run their engines only when they really need it. Programable idling time is a standard feature, not an option!!The ODGASM is a control module that automatically starts any gas or diesel engine following an AC, air or welding demand. This control module allows for engine run time only when you really need it. Cuts down on idling time and wasted fuel expentitures, not to mention a significant reduction in CO2 emmissions. Why run your implements without any load requirements?? Start and stop your engine when you create a demand once the demand is no longer needed the engine automatically stops